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What's the server Ip?
Thank you for your donation Tyroque!
Thank you Alex for your donation <3
Hey Guys just started a youtube minecraft series on this server! [link] Be in my next vid!!!

We’re a MC community/family that fully supports equal rights for everybody! We are a Survival Server with a twist, you can enjoy the survival aspect of the game with a few good plugins to make life easier! MinecraftBeef has many different things to offer such as; Shops/Mall, Job Center, Economy, Towns, Wilderness Zones, Neighborhoods, Small PVP Maps, Tree/Sand farms, Halloween Town, Holly Hills, and so much more! If you enjoy playing on smaller servers with a close community, this is your kind of server! 


Is griefing allowed? -No! You will get banned if any griefing occurs!

Can players get “unbanned”? -You can submit an appeal on our appeals page.. But that doesn't guarantee it. Depends on the situation!

What do you have to do to join MinecraftBeef? - When you login, you need to read the Rules/Info Board in the Spawn Arena. After doing that, we highly suggest going to our Travel Center! "/warp travelcenter"

How do we get ranked higher? You can purchase VIP Ranks on our DONATE page! These are the ranks as followed:

-BEEFER  (Rank you get after joining)

After joining MinecraftBeef, you will be ranked a [Beefer]!


/sethome [name]

What does it mean if I've been temp-banned? -When a player gets temp-banned, it means the player broke our rules and didn't deserve to get permanently banned. If you think you were temp-banned unfairly, go to our appeals page!

What are some fun things to do on MinecraftBeef? -We have a large mall with shops inside. You can purchase majority of items there. To earn in game dollars, sell items at our Job Center. We use Economy on this server. For our players who like to build far away, we have a Random TP plugin. Type "/wildtp" and tp to a random place! From there, you can explore the wild! Want some fun?Halloween Town and Holly Hills are holiday themed areas. Kind of like amusement parks! You can buy skulls, spooky items, banners, and more! We also have roller coasters, spleef, mazes, and parkour at these locations.

Is the server up 24/7? Yes! MinecraftBeef will always be running with the exception of if technical difficulties occur.

Can we PVP(kill each other)? Our main world has Pvp on. Pvp must be a mutual agreement, don't just start killing people. If you type /warp minigames you’ll be taken to our Pvp area.