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You receive $30 and EXP for voting 5 times! Cash can be spent at "/warp shop"!

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What's the server Ip?
Thank you for your donation Tyroque!
Thank you Alex for your donation <3
Hey Guys just started a youtube minecraft series on this server! [link] Be in my next vid!!!


UnicornDemon Site-AdminOWNER posted Apr 24, 18

Our Job Center has received a big update! We now offer 8 different types of Mob Grinders! Collect various items to trade for Emeralds! We also have a better selection of items we’ll buy! Check it out and earn some Emeralds! :D

We’re currently adding 3 more shops to our mall! Any suggestions of what to sell? Let us know!

“/warp jobcenter”

Easter Egg Decorating Contest Winners!

UnicornDemon Site-AdminOWNER posted Apr 9, 18

Congratulations Dragoon2k7 and CrustalCrabPizza! Our winners of the Easter Egg Decorating Contest!

Players can still decorate eggs at the contest area just for the heck of it until we run out of lots! “/warp eastercontest”


UnicornDemon Site-AdminOWNER posted Mar 23, 18

All Ranks and Packs are now 30% off! Spring forward and get your MinecraftBeef Gear at a discounted price! 

Are you thinking about subscribing? Now’s the time! Get a bonus 32 Emeralds when you subscribe. Subscribing helps keep our server alive and healthy and guarantees you access to our Subscriber Zone and much more!


UnicornDemon Site-AdminOWNER posted Mar 11, 18

MinecraftBeef now has the Marriage Plugin re installed! YES! WE CAN ALL GET MARRIED AGAIN!

Marriage Commands:
/marry - Display command help
/marry <player> - Request/accept a marriage
/marry chat - Toggle private chat
/marry gender <gender> - Set your gender
/marry gift - Gift the item you're currently holding
/marry heal - Heal your partner with you own health
/marry sethome - Set your shared home
/marry home - Go to your shared home
/marry tp - Teleport to your partner
/marry seen - Check your partner's last online