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You receive $30 and EXP for voting 5 times! Cash can be spent at "/warp shop"!

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Thank you for your donation Tyroque!
Thank you Alex for your donation <3
Hey Guys just started a youtube minecraft series on this server! [link] Be in my next vid!!!


By UnicornDemon Site-AdminOWNER - Posted Oct 28, 18

WE ARE NOW OPEN! MinecraftBeef has opened our doors! We’re so excited to have everyone back! 1.13 is awesome so far. It is a bit laggy but when more bug fixes come out that should get better! 

There have been some changes!

-We have a new Wilderness TP Plugin! At spawn, there’s a sign that will tp you to a random place on the map. A more efficient way to build on your own!

-Chop Tree is not currently working. This means the trees wont pop like a cactus when axing them down.

-We no longer have a Travel Center. All warps are at spawn. We hope this is less confusing for players. (Nether and End portals are at the resource center).

-We now use Economy! You start with $500! Buy items at our Shops “/warp shop” and sell items at our Job Center “/warp jobcenter”. You can now also purchase animal spawn eggs, map art, player heads, enchanted books, and banners with our new shop plugin. No more asking staff to buy them! *Please be patient with us. We’re gonna be testing the waters with economy. We will add more items to buy and sell at a later date.* We do not have an area for player shops. We want to see how economy goes before allowing them. (You can make shops in your towns and own area!)

-God mode has been moved to the Pegasus Rank. We did this because we felt it was a bit too op.

-HALLOWEEN TOWN is now open! We’ve worked hard on adding more attractions and amping the area up! Check it out by going to “/warp halloweentown”.

-We still allow PVP in designated areas! Check out the PVP Warps at spawn! We’re also experimenting with a Parkour Plugin! If you’re into Parkour, let me know if you run into any issues.

-Our survival world has a 10,000 block border!

In honor of Halloween and opening, all ranks are 30% off!