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You receive $30 and EXP for voting 5 times! Cash can be spent at "/warp shop"!

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Thank you for your donation Tyroque!
Thank you Alex for your donation <3
Hey Guys just started a youtube minecraft series on this server! [link] Be in my next vid!!!

Valentines Day Update

UnicornDemon Site-AdminOWNER posted Feb 11, 19

Hello Beefers! MinecraftBeef has updated to 1.13.2! Any plugin that had an update has also been updated! Don't forget to download Optfine! We've removed our fireworks kit.. (It never worked out anyway lol) So instead we built a Fireworks Booth at our mall! 64 fireworks for $15! They're also Valentines Day themed 

"/warp fireworks"

Speaking of Valentines Day, our mall has been decorated for the season! Hearts and lovely banners everywhere! Purchase Valentines Day banners at our Banner Shop

"/warp shop"



I'm so so sorry that I'm a month late on this lol. I've been stupid busy and forgot. BUT since I did forget, 2nd place will also receive the same award. $1,000 in game dollars! The winners are.... 1st: Anony_Narwhal 2nd: Wowgrab


UnicornDemon Site-AdminOWNER posted Oct 28, 18

WE ARE NOW OPEN! MinecraftBeef has opened our doors! We’re so excited to have everyone back! 1.13 is awesome so far. It is a bit laggy but when more bug fixes come out that should get better! 

There have been some changes!

-We have a new Wilderness TP Plugin! At spawn, there’s a sign that will tp you to a random place on the map. A more efficient way to build on your own!

-Chop Tree is not currently working. This means the trees wont pop like a cactus when axing them down.

-We no longer have a Travel Center. All warps are at spawn. We hope this is less confusing for players. (Nether and End portals are at the resource center).

-We now use Economy! You start with $500! Buy items at our Shops “/warp shop” and sell items at our Job Center “/warp jobcenter”. You can now also purchase animal spawn eggs, map art, player heads, enchanted books, and banners with our new shop plugin. No more asking staff to buy them! *Please be patient with us. We’re gonna be testing the waters with economy. We will add more items to buy and sell at a later date.* We do not have an area for player shops. We want to see how economy goes before allowing them. (You can make shops in your towns and own area!)

-God mode has been moved to the Pegasus Rank. We did this because we felt it was a bit too op.

-HALLOWEEN TOWN is now open! We’ve worked hard on adding more attractions and amping the area up! Check it out by going to “/warp halloweentown”.

-We still allow PVP in designated areas! Check out the PVP Warps at spawn! We’re also experimenting with a Parkour Plugin! If you’re into Parkour, let me know if you run into any issues.

-Our survival world has a 10,000 block border!

In honor of Halloween and opening, all ranks are 30% off!



UnicornDemon Site-AdminOWNER posted Jun 18, 18

Hello everybody!! Today I have some news for you all. 1.13 is approaching, it includes major changes to minecraft biomes/maps. If you for some reason haven't heard of 1.13, you better start googling lmao. However, I'm sure most of you were expecting it, but we will have to reset our map. Every server resets, it's unavoidable. Map 6 has been running strong for almost two years!! We will be working hard during the next 30 days to save major builds like Spawn, Travel Center, our Shopping District, etc. I'm hoping to make a few changes for map 7, same small server vibes, but a cleaner set up. We'll also make some enhancements to allow us to run smoother. As usual, we will not respond to anyone being hateful or rude. We cannot help that we have to reset. Point blank. 

We will not save player made builds. If we saved builds for everyone, we'd never finish the reset process. I appreciate everyone's patience and positivity during the next 30 days.

Here are the details y'all need to know;

-June 18th through July 16th we'll be working on saving major builds (MinecraftBeef WILL be online)

-July 18th 2018 MinecraftBeef will shut down.

-July 19th through ? We'll wait for an exact release date for 1.13 (aquatic update). When 1.13 releases a stable build, we'll start creating Map 7!

-We do not have an opening date just yet! Stay tuned and we'll let everyone know!

-Areas we will be saving as of now; (Spawn, Travel Center, Northern Shores, Halloween Town, Holly Hills, Tree Farm)

Common questions:

1) The End and The Nether will be deleted.

2) We cannot save your builds.

3) Our Map Art World, PVP World, and Contest World will NOT be deleted. They will NOT be affected by the reset.

4) VIP ranks will remain the same for everyone!

5) Your Emerald balance WILL reset. I'm considering transferring to economy again. (Money instead of Emeralds.) I need to hear feedback about this decision before my mind is made up.

I am probably forgetting something and will update everyone when I know more! Love you guys and have a good day/night <3


UnicornDemon Site-AdminOWNER posted Apr 24, 18

We've added a brand new Block Shop and a Starbucks in the mall! Starbucks now selling soups, Lava, and Milk!